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Create that Authentic Restaurant Taste at Home !

Stage one:
Fry one very large finely chopped or blended onion in plenty of oil until soft.

Stage two:
Add the curry kit with 500g of meat or veg and stir fry for 2-3 mins.

Stage three:
Add up to 400g blended tomatoes, salt to taste and water to thin the sauce. Heat until the curry is cooked through................


"All kits contain my uniquely blended massalas and a paste of garlic and ginger which truly takes the fuss out of preparation.

All kits will provide four portions when accompanied with rice etc.

Many competitors will claim a restaurant taste and  simple preparation; having tried many of them I am sure you will agree, this is rarely the case!

Asiaspicebox kits are not loaded with salt and preservatives, try one for yourself and taste the difference!"

Pete, Asiaspicebox.

Come and visit us  and other, great local, fresh food businesses at Cardiff farmers markets.... Riverside Market

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